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Alderman Antwan Taylor

Antwan Taylor, now Alderman Antwan Taylor, knows how to make a difference in his community despite any and all challenges that he may face. Antwan has had the opportunity to serve on several statewide committees that provide individuals with significant disabilities the opportunity to seek productive employment.

As a result of Antwan’s work and community advocacy involvement, he was also nominated for a vice president position with the Tennessee Technology Access Project, also known as TTAP. Antwan is currently serving as the Big Brothers of Brownsville Director, a program that mentors at-risk children. His drive to better his community, advocate for individuals with disabilities, and encourage young people to vote has landed him a seat at the table for the City of Brownsville.

This week Antwan was sworn in as an Alderman for the City of Brownsville, Tennessee. So many of his friends and family were thrilled to witness the accomplishment and are looking forward to what Antwan will bring to their community. He is not only an inspiration to individuals with disabilities but to us all in showing that anyone can crush the no’s they’ve been given and achieve their yes!

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