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Music Therapy

Music Therapy Corner

Would you like to know more about Music Therapy? We have a section on our blog called the Music Therapy Corner that highlights client stories, lists strategies of success, and provides audio of recorded music. Click below to visit our corner of the blog!

Music Therapy Corner

Music Therapy Internships

Meet Our Music Therapy Team

Marya Bailey, MT-BC
Marya Bailey, MT-BC
Board-Certified Music Therapist
Gabrielle Barton, MT-BC
Gabrielle Barton, MT-BC
Board-Certified Music Therapist

The STAR Center is an officially approved National Roster Internship Site by the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA). We are located in Jackson, Tennessee, halfway between Memphis and Nashville. Since 1998, over 30 music therapists have become AMTA board-certified through our internship program.

Our Music Therapy interns will be given the opportunity to serve people with disabilities in both group and individual settings. Interns will have the chance to work with board-certified Music Therapists and a variety of assistive technology professionals.

For information about the application process, please contact Marya Bailey at

Gabrielle Barton, a young woman with long brown hair, playing acoustic guitar.

Music is an important part of life. People use music to learn their ABCs, exercise, work, and enjoy the world. Our board-certified Music Therapists use these qualities of music to help people meet their individual goals.

These goals include:

  • Learning and Memory

  • Social Engagement

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Attention and Decision-Making

  • Movement and Communication

Music Therapy sessions begin at $35/half-hour. Group prices may vary. Financial assistance for those in need may be available.

A young person holding a cabasa, a handheld musical instrument.

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