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Vocational Rehabilitation Turns 100


Have you ever known someone who turned 100 years old? 0.0173% of the population will reach this milestone. Vocational Rehabilitation turns 100, meaning they have been positively impacting those with disabilities for 100 years. As you know, an organization can’t impact anyone. This means there is a requirement for humans to be involved with any organization to make an impact.

Over the years, there have been millions of people impacted and and those who have helped them along the way. When we think about the way to measure impact, it often comes down to results. At The STAR Center, we have been engaged with Vocational Rehabilitation for many years and we are closing in on placing our 1,000 client into a job.

We are successful, only if our clients are successful. We win when they win. As technology has been invented, access to services has improved. As access has improved, impact has increased. We find ourselves in very challenging times, and it is encouraging the work of Vocational Rehabilitation has stood the test of time. Through World Wars, pandemics, and stock market crashes, Vocational Rehabilitation and the work has continued and lives have been changed. While Vocational Rehabilitation turns 100, one may wonder what is coming next.

What Next?

The area of focus, recently, has shifted to provide a better way for those with disabilities to transition from school to life. This is the first step in creating a better Vocational Rehabilitation client. The earlier we start preparing for the future, the better prepared we will be to meet it.

Finally, are you a parent of a child between the ages of 12-22? As COVID-19 became a reality, schools closed and our children were immediately at home. Since we didn’t know this was going to happen, we were not prepared, but something else happened. We were able to experience what it could look like once our children “age out” of school. I have a question for you. What are two questions you have about transition for your child from school to life?

Just email me your questions to, or leave them in the comments below.

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