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Somebody Watching

I love my job. And because my job is about helping people find and maintain meaningful employment, I hope you can also say you love your job. I know elementary students and high school students do not typically write essays and line up to interview the job coach on Career Day. I did not even know what a job coach was until a few years ago when I was asked to interview for a position to serve in a new program for young adults coming to our area. 

There are probably several reasons I could give for loving my job as a job coach (or a skills trainer to some). The first reason to love it probably goes without saying. Seeing the lives of young people changed over the past few years has been awesome. Every day I get to run into at least one of the dozen or so former clients (or interns as we call them) still working in our local hospital where they trained. They have become one of you. And you (the tech, the hostess, the specialist, the manager), are my second reason for loving my job. The people are what makes this job possible and enjoyable. I have followed interns in and out of various departments for at least four of the past six years. Being a job coach involves a lot of observing and learning from various professionals so I can then help our client become a better employee or professional themselves. This year, I have been able to do a little more observing, and WOW! I have always been impressed at how well the departments run (like a ship) during a normal time, but this year I have been in awe of how well they pivot to meet the ever-changing needs of their patients and their hospital system.    

I know I will not be able to list all of the wonderful people and departments who have been so good to our STAR Center clients over the years, but I do want you all to know we see you. We appreciate you. I personally get to see how meticulously that patient gown is folded and how you know the exact number to be delivered to the floors. I notice you place that special meal order for your patient who came out of surgery later than lunch time. I see how carefully you keep stock to make sure that doctor has all the supplies he needs to perform a procedure. And don’t find it odd, but I watch how quickly you hustle to make sure your patient can get into her car and get back home as soon as possible. I respect and admire your work daily. Keep up the great work! You are making a difference in more ways than you even know.

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