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She got the job!

Every afternoon, Natalie Cole enjoys greeting children and their families at the West Tennessee Healthcare –Therapy & Learning Center reception desk.Natalie loves meeting people and learning new skills.

She counts it a blessing that she was able to return to the workforce and find a part-time job that fits around her dialysis schedule.

In 2019, Vocational Rehabilitation referred Natalie to The STAR Center for job readiness and job placement services.

She said that The STAR Center’s office and computer skills classes prepared her to re-enter the clerical field. She said that the training refresher especially helped with her typing skills.

Natalie worked 30 years as an attendance secretary for the Jackson-Madison County School System before she retired in 2017. Once she retired, Natalie said that it was very hard for her to “sit at home and do nothing.” Two years into her retirement, “I wanted to start back working,” she said.

The Therapy & Learning Center is very glad that she decided to join their team. “Natalie is dependable and reliable and we love having her with us every day,” said Meredith Varino, Therapy & Learning Center operations manager.

Natalie takes visitors’ temperatures upon check-in and provides clerical support for the Therapy & Learning Center reception team. On September 3rd, Natalie celebrated her 90-day work anniversary and achieved her VR employment outcome goal of maintaining successful employment.

“We love her. She’s part of the family,” said Paige Joyner, intake coordinator at the Therapy & Learning Center.Natalie is so grateful for the support that she received to start a new job, even in the midst of a pandemic.

For that, she will continue to sing praises to The STAR Center wherever she goes. “I tell people, ‘if you need a job, go to The STAR Center,” she said with a smile.

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