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Fall Songs That Will Leaf Your Clients Smiling

Fall seemed to take its sweet time arriving this year, but once it hit, I was elated to break out not only all of my fall clothes, but to start planning fall themed sessions. When I sat down to plan, however, my usual tactic of scrolling through Spotify playlists did not seem to yield the same results it usually did.

Every fall playlist I came across was just a compilation of laid-back, cozy acoustic songs. While I’ve made a plethora of my own acoustic playlists I listen to, these songs were not going to be the best to use in my sessions. After hours of scrolling through Pinterest, surfing the Internet, and reading more blog posts than I would like to count, I finally compiled a list of songs I couldn’t wait to implement in my sessions.

  1. “Rocky Top”– Osborne Brothers

  2. “Shake it Off”– Taylor Swift

  3. “Another One Bites the Dust”– Queen

  4. “Wide Open Spaces”– Dixie Chicks

  5. “Take Me Home, Country Roads”– John Denver

  6. “Hungry Like the Wolf”– Duran Duran

  7. “I Want Candy”– The Strangeloves

  8. “Thriller”– Michael Jackson

  9. “Wake Me Up When September Ends”– Green Day

  10.  “Demons”– Imagine Dragons

  11. “Witch Doctor”– David Seville

  12. “Somebody’s Watching Me”– Rockwell

Follow the link to hear the playlist I created on Spotify: 

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