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Music Therapy to Improve and Maintain Communication and Cognitive Functioning

Welcome to the STAR Center’s Music Therapy Corner! This is the first of many blog posts and recordings highlighting some of what we do in music therapy at the STAR Center. Music therapy can address so many goals: cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and/or communication goals. In addition, music therapy can be really fun! Let me begin by highlighting one of the STAR Center’s long-standing clients, C.

C has been attending music therapy for a number of years. Over the course of those years, needs and goals have changed but one thing has stayed the same; C’s sense of humor and desire to have fun! Music therapy is currently utilized to address communication goals with C. For example, C brings his communication device to each session and practices using it during each music therapy session. There are several songs with song lyrics on his device and C works to fill in the blanks of those songs during the music therapy session. C also uses his device to indicate which instruments he would like to play. These interventions serve to improve his communication skills as well as improve and maintain cognitive functioning. One of C’s favorite songs to choose in music therapy is Blue Suede Shoes. Click on the link to hear the music therapist and C work together to play Blue Suede Shoes! You can hear C play the shaker and rhythm sticks in this recording. Enjoy!!

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