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Birthday Cake

Every month, one afternoon gets a little better.  My calendar dings at me, and in surprise I look down to see what meeting I’ve totally forgotten about.  Instead of a meeting, I see that it’s time for birthday cake.  I love cake.

For the last several years, Jennifer has baked cake every month to celebrate all the birthdays for that particular month.  “It started with my department,” she told me.  “I would bake a cake for each birthday, and we would all get together for a few minutes and celebrate.  Eventually my department expanded to the point where I felt like I was always baking cake.  I realized it would be easier to just plan on baking once a month for all the birthdays.  That also meant that we were able to include every employee without baking 42 cakes a year.”

“Everyone’s favorite cakes are strawberry and coconut.  I’m not sure what my favorite is, but it’s hard to beat plain yellow cake with chocolate icing.” (Author’s note: my favorite cake is apple cake. It is unfair that this cake doesn’t get baked every time.)

Birthday cake is about more than just making it over the midday hump or about stocking up on carbs, it’s about getting the team together.  The Star Center has 6 distinct areas of service.  The 42 employees at the facility serve upwards of 1,700 clients each year in 21 counties, so it’s often hard to get everyone together.  Birthday cake gets people from every department together, even if it’s just for 20 or 30 minutes, to reconnect and spend time together.

How does your office get everyone together?  What are some fun ways to break the routine and energize your team? Tell us in the comments below!

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