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Be Where Your Feet Are [VLOG]

Dave Bratcher, President of The STAR Center

Well, happy Monday!

I had something happen last week that I just wanted to share with you. As my daughter opened up her folder, there was a sticker and on the front, it had her name, and right underneath her name it had “class of 2026.”

And so, she happened to just read it out loud and I think it may have messed with her as much as it messed with her mother and I. The idea of in just a few short years she’s going to graduate high school.

Look this dad is far from ready for that to happen, but I know there are many of you that are escorting your sons and daughters out of the home and into college right now.

Many of you not too long ago, albeit a strange college graduation, there was college graduation that happened and you escorted them from their college living quarters into life. And the big reminder for me was… we need to be present.

I heard somebody say one time you need to be where your feet are. And how often do we spend all of our life thinking about where our feet are going to be or thinking about where our feet used to be.

Look, that was a reminder for me. That was the message that I heard loud and clear, whether she knew she was teaching me or not, she was. And that is… be present, be where your feet are. I hope you have a great week.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given? How are you staying present during this time? Comment below!

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