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Take Control of your Thoughts [VLOG]

Well, good Monday morning! Here we are again and I don’t know about your school district but the local school district where The STAR Center is headquartered had some news on Thursday that nobody was expecting.

Or maybe they were expecting it, but they weren’t hoping for it. And that is that for the first nine weeks, school is going to be virtual. And what does that mean, what does that look like… I don’t think anybody really knows the answer yet, but they’re committed to trying to do the best they can. And it’s reminded me of a story and that story has to do with what’s called fault stacking.

Fault stacking

Let me give you an example. Plug your cell phone up at night before you go to bed. The alarm is obviously set and for whatever reason the plug doesn’t connect. It’s no charging so between when you go to bed and when the alarm is supposed to go off, your phone is not dead. You wake up, there’s way too much light in the bedroom, and you realize, “Oh my gosh! What time is it?!” So you reach for your phone. Obviously, it’s dead you may or may not have a watch. Um, regardless, you know you’re running late.

So, you finally figure out what time it is. You hop in the shower long enough to get wet and get out. And then you’re shaving and you cut your face. Um, so you’ve got this bleed going on. You’re trying to get it to stop. You’re already behind. You get in the vehicle, you realize the gas lights on…

Does anyone relate to what’s happening this morning that I am describing? What starts happening is your start stacking negative thought, on negative thought, on negative thought to where your brain only sees that which is bad happening in your day.

Here’s the good news. The good news is you can do just the opposite, so when you recognize that this is happening to you, you can start looking for the good things. And start stacking those to counteract the bad. I’m just telling you in this season of every day is a new cliche, if you want to find the bad in every day, I promise you can find it. But, let’s also look for the good.

You know those that we serve often could go spiral downward if they just focused on what made them different that everybody else. But instead, what they focus on is what makes them the same. For example, you and I both want to get up and go to work every day. Those with disabilities want to do the same thing. So, in this season of absolute uncertainty, do not let negative things start stacking to the point where you drown in them.

Take control of your thoughts. Replace the negative with positive and have a great day. I hope you have a wonderful week. We’ll see you next week.

What are five things that you are thankful for? List them below!

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