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Opportunity for ALL

Opportunity for ALL guides what we do each day. Hanging in my office is the painting you see above. It was painted by Brian Hart and depicts Lewis and Clark looking at the unknown that lied ahead. When we experience things for the first time, there is both excitement and fear. When our clients find themselves facing the unknown, we have a responsibility to help them see the opportunities before them, even when they struggle to see it for themselves.

Different is Perfect

This sounds good, but is often hard to believe if it applies to you. We must remember that each of us are unique and that was by design. While sameness is something we find ourselves subconsciously drawn to, it does not mean differences are repelling. Our differences are what add excitement, depth, and wholeness to our lives and the lives of others. When we are tempted to only talk to people who look like us, think like us, and behave like us, warning bells should go off. I remember a preacher once saying, “You you and your spouse were exactly the same, one of you would not be needed.” How true is that?

Vision Beyond Sight

When we encounter people who cannot see the opportunity before them, we must help cast a vision, which surpasses their sight. This can be done in various ways, but it takes a village to accomplish it. When we talk about the idea of getting a job, we must have employers willing to hire them. When we talk about living independently, we must have team members who can train them how to do it. Simply stated, our promises must be backed up, and they are often backed up by others. While we might assume we are experts about everything, the truth is far from it.

We are working everyday to ensure those we serve have opportunities like those around them. We believe Different is Perfect and opportunities do exist for all. With everyone working together, we can cast a vision that surpasses our sight. We are all in this together and with your help, we can confidently stand at the edge of the cliff and say… This is the land of opportunity and those opportunities are for all!

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