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Feedback for Good – Giveaway!

Have you heard about how The STAR Center is making Tennessee a place where people with disabilities can make their dreams a reality? Help us create (at no cost to you!) up to $15K to dedicate to helping people with disabilities!

By giving your feedback on 75 brands, you can help us reach our goal! We recommend spending at least 30 seconds on each brand in order to ensure the quality of your feedback and to better help reach our goal.

You have until May 3rd 2022 to share your opinion and support individuals with disabilities across the state!

Text IMPACT to 90412 or click here to start giving your opinion today!

If you sign up and give 75 brand opinions, you could win one of these prizes. Just send a screenshot to of your final slide/notification.

Prizes: Fire TV Series 4 Apple Watch SE JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker!

Help us hit our goal of $15,000!

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