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All In This Together [VLOG]

Well, I don’t know about you but making decisions in this COVID era can be exhausting because you don’t know what is going to happen next.

One of the things I just wanted to share that I’ve done, whether it’s helped or not, it feels like it’s helped so maybe it has…I try to identify the things that we can count on happening. Get those written down and really understand what those are. Then, we find out that there are not as many variables as it felt like there was.

Give Thanks

Because every day that you watch the news, I mean thank God for our hospital and for those folks that show up every day to take care of those of us who get sick, because they are literally running a minute to minute operation in trying to make sure that they’re ready for what they don’t know might be coming. I cannot imagine.

We give thanks for them. But, just in everyday life it’s like you know the vacation plans, and the plans for the school, the plans for child care, the plans for your job where you go to work every day… what is that going to look like? And it can start us spinning.

Individuals with Disabilities

You know those with disabilities have a leg up on us because that is the reality that they are living with each and every day. So many of the things in their life are not predictable. So many of the things in their life are not for sure. We are gaining great confidence in watching and learning those that we serve, learning from those that we serve, because they have lived it. And they have succeeded.

And so I want to encourage you over 3 000 individuals at The STAR Center were served this past year. We’re learning from each and every one of them. I want to encourage you to find somebody that you can watch, somebody that you can learn from, in this season of uncertainty so that we can cling to the things that we know and we can anticipate and be ready for the things that we don’t know.

We’re all going to get through this but it’s only going to happen if we do it together. Have a great week.

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