Pre-ETS Class

Pre-Employment Transition Services

Pre-ETS stands for Pre-Employment Transition Services and is supported by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), signed into law on July 22, 2014.

Pre-ETS serves students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, ages 14-22, in their high school classroom environment. This service ensures that students receive the skills and training necessary to reach their educational, career, and life goals after transitioning from high school to adulthood.

Pre-ETS uses 5 Pillars for Successful Transition

  • Explore jobs/careers in the community
  • Explore skills & qualities needed for career interest areas

Facilitate student participation in:

  • volunteer experiences
  • on-the-job training experiences
  • paid & non-paid apprenticeships/internships
  • paid & non-paid summer/after-school work experiences
  • school-based work opportunities
  • Research degree or credential requirements for student’s preferred jobs
  • Assist with the completion of FAFSA
  • Identify academic accommodations needed

Provide literacy intervention & training for the following skills:

  • time management
  • decision making & problem-solving
  • soft skills & hard skills
  • social skills

Prepare students for & coordinate mock interviews

  • Assist with development of independent living skills
  • Help students prepare for & lead IEP, 504, & planning meetings
  • Assist with decision making about self-disclosure on the job