How Will You Use Art? Incorporating Art Therapy

So many people ask me what art therapy is- or how to be an art therapist- or what exactly I do as an art therapist. Usually they excitedly tell me about the adult coloring books they have tried and loved. I love hearing these stories! And today I thought I would answer some of these […]

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What is Music Therapy?

When someone asks, “what do you do?” I imagine they expect an answer like teaching or counseling.  Based on the looks and questions that inevitably follow, “I am a music therapist” is not what they anticipated.  Granted the response these days is more often, “oh, you have an awesome job!”  This was not the case […]

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Tactile Maps and Anthony Doerr

What do Pulitzer Prize winning novels, the streets of Paris France, and tactile maps have in common? I recently read the Pulitzer Prize winning novel All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. The novel takes place during World War II and one plot of the novel centers on a young girl named Marie-Laure, […]

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Durable Medical Equipment Needed

If you have any of the following equipment that’s in working condition, the STAR Center would love to have it. We pass on this equipment on at no cost to people who cannot afford it or do not have insurance to pay for it. Please spread the word! Wheelchair Power chair Walker Rollator Quad cane […]

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Mindfulness: Season and Time

Our Creative Arts Therapy Groups (CAT Groups) serve adults with disabilities.  Intellectual disabilities are common in these groups, and our therapists work to build social skills and awareness of time.  One of my favorite things about our Creative Arts Therapy Group is the way our therapists work to acquaint their clients to time and season.  […]

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