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The Star Center’s Home Care division has helped people stay in their homes since 1997.

We believe in the inherent dignity of staying in one’s own home. The familiarity, comfort, and privacy of home is often a major factor in a person’s well-being. We help people with or without a disability.

Our services are available through Medicaid funding, private pay, and long-term care insurance. For private pay services, a social worker is on staff to help obtain methods of payment, including insurance and benefits such as the Aid and Attendance and Housebound Improved Pension (A&A) for veterans. We are a non-profit agency and our prices are negotiable and competitive.

Our Services

As an agency that provides individualized solutions as a core value, we are very flexible in what services we provide. We do not rely on the typical long, bulleted lists to define and limit what we do and do not do.

A typical 4-6 hour visit may include the following: picking up groceries; cooking and having a meal with the client; preparing the client for the day; doing laundry; cleaning bathrooms; feeding pets; washing dishes; vacuuming and cleaning; going on a walk with the client; and reading to them. Family and friends are always welcome when the caregiver is present.

Open communication is a priority and client needs are responded to immediately. Care is provided in a way to maximize comfort and respect privacy. We take care of tasks in the way the client wants them to be done, and we always honor the decisions they make.

Additional Quick Facts:

  1. You have the choice of staff. You are free to choose another caregiver for any reason.
  2. You can contact a care coordinator (the caregiver’s supervisor) at all times.
  3. There are no minimum or maximum hours or contracts to sign.
  4. We are available for one-time needs, such as hospital stays or watching special needs children.

Our Employees

To provide the best services, we hire the best employees. As an agency focused on disabilities, our employees are hired to work with issues including vision and hearing limitations, mobility impairments, and cognitive or behavioral issues.

  1. For the sake of security, our employees must pass 7 background checks and screenings before being hired.
  2. We hire only employees who have been shown to be mature and responsible in the field of personal care.
  3. We conduct personal interviews to ensure that our employees are compassionate and want to do the work.
  4. Our agency is licensed and our employees are insured and thoroughly supervised.
  5. Employee training includes basic clinical skills, first aid, CPR certification, and working with people with disabilities. Refresher courses are required quarterly.


If you are interested in scheduling a meeting to see if Star Center Home Care is right for you, please Contact Us. Our direct line for Home Care services is 731-554-5100, and our e-mail address is information@starcenterhomecare.com.  We serve Madison County, all counties bordering Madison County, and McNairy County.